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Šri Devi Khodiyãr Mãtã

Šri Devi Khodiyãr Mãtã is an incarnation of Devi bestowed with power to help the sick and the disabled. She would inspire us to be aware of the physically challenged and to help them.

Šri Krishna & Rãdhã

Šri Krishna along with His devotee who is a gopika (caretaker of the cows) called Šri Rãdhã. He is the ninth incarnation of Šri Vishnu. His birth was a miracle, and He continued to perform miracles all His life. He…
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Šri Rãma Parivãr (family)

Šri Rãmã is the seventh avatãr (incarnation) of Šri Vishnu. Šri Rãmã, along with His consort Šri Sita, His beloved brother Sri Lakshmana and His ardent devotee, Šri Hanumãn, are also housed in one of the wall enclosures. Šri Rãma…
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Šri Rãghavendra Swamy

Šri Rãghavendra Swãmy (1595-1671) was a respected 16th century saint and guru (spiritual teacher) who advocated Šri Madhvachãrya’s dualism philosophy. He attained jeeva samãdhi (voluntarily stopped His breathing in deep meditation) and physically entered Brindãvana (a specially constructed stone enclosure)…
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Šri Nãgendra Swãmy

Worship of Šri Nãgendra Swãmy (in the form of the Lord of snakes) is a part of nature worship and is meant to give the message that each aspect of nature is crucial for the survival of the other. Imbalance…
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