Šri Rãma Parivãr (family)

Šri Rãmã is the seventh avatãr (incarnation) of Šri Vishnu. Šri Rãmã, along with His consort Šri Sita, His beloved brother Sri Lakshmana and His ardent devotee, Šri Hanumãn, are also housed in one of the wall enclosures.

Šri Rãma was the personification of dharma (following the moral order and doing the righteous thing), even under difficult circumstances. He was the ideal son, husband, king, friend, and even an ideal, just and compassionate enemy to Rãvanã, who had kidnapped His wife Šri Sitã. Šri Sitã was the devoted consort as was Lakshmana, a true brother and Šri Hanumãn, a selfless devotee. Šri Rãma inspires us also to strive towards a dharmic (righteous) way of life. Šri Hanumãn inspires courage, humility, selfless service and true devotion.