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Šri Navagraha

Šri Navagraha, the nine planets-seven of the solar system and two lunar nodes – are believed to influence and shape the lives of individuals as well as nations. Individuals also interact with the planets to accentuate or mitigate their influence….
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Šri Kãmãkshi & Mahã Meru

Šri Kãmãkshi in the black stone sanctum. She is another form of Šri Pãrvati. Here we see Her peaceful demeanor, standing on one foot and meditating at the center of a circle of fire. Her meditative state illustrates Her absolute…
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Šrī Gãyatri Mãtã

Šrī Gãyatri Mãtã is seated (on a Lotus). She is considered as Veda Mãtã – the mother of the Vedas (Holy Scriptures), a female representation of the Vedas. Meditating on Šri Gãyatri would empower us with positive vision and selflessness…
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Šri Shanmukha Šri Valli & Šri Devasena

Šri Shanmukha along with Šri Valli and Šri Devasena, His consorts. Šri Shanmukha is the younger son of Šri Šiva and Šri Pãrvati, and the younger brother of Šri Ganeša. Since He is looked upon as the Lord of warfare,…
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Šri Dakshinãmoorthy

Šri Dakshinãmoorthy, sits facing the South and is a foremost spiritual teacher. He is said to impart spiritual knowledge, encouraging us to acquire wisdom through silent meditation. He is seated under a banyan tree, stepping on a dwarfish demon that…
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