Outreach / Seva Activities

Hinduism is Sanatana Dharma or universal religion and embraces spirituality and seva (service).                  

—-­­­­“Service is the first step along the spiritual path”—-­­­­

The Temple has been the center of several outreach activities for many years, initially on a small scale. These activities offer programs that appeal to people of all ages in the community and they include: Senior, Youth, Education, Health, Community-related and Interfaith activities.

There are numerous examples of activities which help the participants enjoy and enrich their lives at the same time. Volunteers have enthusiastically participated in outside activities such as the Temple garden. Volunteers also attend various community meetings representing the Temple and routinely share information. This includes various interfaith activities; addressing social justice issues, Interfaith Walk with participants from other faiths. Health Workshop and Health Fair are organized annually for the benefit of the devotees and the community. During the Health Fair medical professionals of several specialties volunteer their services and provide free diagnostic tests.

Here are some of the Temple’s outreach activities:

Senior Center Program

Akshayam (The Young Professionals Group, HTSNA)

Temple Volunteering

Youth Group

Upcoming Events:

Annual Breast Cancer Walk – 2024

Summer Day Camp – 2024

Anubhava 2024