Devatas at Our Temple


Šri Mahã Vallabha Ganapati

Seated majestically in the center of the Mahã Mantapam, the Prayer Hall in His Sanctum Sanctorum is Šri Mahã (great) ...
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Šri Venkatešwara

Šri Šrinivasa, or Venkatešwara, is also Šri Vishnu or Nãrãyana, and like Šri Satyanãrãyana is in a standing posture. Šri ...
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Šri Mahã Lakshmi

Šri Mahã (great) Lakshmi, She is the counterpart or the šakti or female energy of Šri Vishnu. Šri Lakshmi is ...
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Šri Šiva

Šri Šiva as the Šiva Linga, without a human form, the most common way to depict Šri Šiva. Linga, meaning ...
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Šri Pãrvati

The sanctum of Šri Pãrvati is installed against the rear wall of the Temple. She is referred to as the ...
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Šri Durga

Šri Durga is the embodiment of šakti - Divine (female) energy. She is said to have the combined energies (in ...
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Šri Saraswati

Next on the wall is Šri Saraswati, the embodiment of knowledge. She is considered as the female šakti or energy ...
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Šri Hanumãn

Šri Hanumãn stands with His palms pressed together, expressing His devotion for Šri Rãmã. Šri Hanumãn was Šri Rãmã’s ardent ...
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Šri Dakshinãmoorthy

Šri Dakshinãmoorthy, sits facing the South and is a foremost spiritual teacher. He is said to impart spiritual knowledge, encouraging ...
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Šri Shanmukha Šri Valli & Šri Devasena

Šri Shanmukha along with Šri Valli and Šri Devasena, His consorts. Šri Shanmukha is the younger son of Šri Šiva ...
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Šrī Gãyatri Mãtã

Šrī Gãyatri Mãtã is seated (on a Lotus). She is considered as Veda Mãtã - the mother of the Vedas ...
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Sri Kamakshi

Šri Kãmãkshi & Mahã Meru

Šri Kãmãkshi in the black stone sanctum. She is another form of Šri Pãrvati. Here we see Her peaceful demeanor, ...
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Šri Navagraha

Šri Navagraha, the nine planets-seven of the solar system and two lunar nodes - are believed to influence and shape ...
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Šri Nãgendra Swãmy

Worship of Šri Nãgendra Swãmy (in the form of the Lord of snakes) is a part of nature worship and ...
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Šri Rãghavendra Swamy

Šri Rãghavendra Swãmy (1595-1671) was a respected 16th century saint and guru (spiritual teacher) who advocated Šri Madhvachãrya’s dualism philosophy ...
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Šri Rãma Parivãr (family)

Šri Rãmã is the seventh avatãr (incarnation) of Šri Vishnu. Šri Rãmã, along with His consort Šri Sita, His beloved ...
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Šri Krishna & Rãdhã

Šri Krishna along with His devotee who is a gopika (caretaker of the cows) called Šri Rãdhã. He is the ...
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Šri Devi Khodiyãr Mãtã

Šri Devi Khodiyãr Mãtã is an incarnation of Devi bestowed with power to help the sick and the disabled. She ...
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Šri Ayyappa

Šri Ayyappa is considered to be a combination of both Šri Vishnu and Šri Šiva. His ardent devotees observe strict ...
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Šri Agastiyar & Lopa Mudra

Šri Agastyar is a much revered guru (spiritual teacher) and was one of the early great sages of India. He ...
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Šri Satyanãrãyana & Ramã Devi

Šri Satyanãrãyana and His consort Šri Ramã Devi. Šri Satyanãrãyana is another form of Šri Vishnu, considered to be an ...
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Šri Chandrasekaraswamy & Ãnandavalli

The idols of Šri Šiva and Pãrvati as Šri Chandrasekhara Swamy and Šri Anandavalli. Šri Šiva is worshipped both with ...
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Šri Atma Linga

Ãtma Linga and Sri Nandikeswara.. Here is Šiva Linga and Šri Nandikešwara in marble and metal respectively, where devotees can ...
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Šri Natarãja, Sivakãmi & Mãnikkavãchakar

Šri Natarãjã, the dancing form, is another aspect of Šri Šiva. He is shown with His right foot on a ...
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Šri Swarna Bhairavar

Swarna Bhairavar, is generally given the role of the custodian of the Temple. In traditional Temples, He is symbolically given ...
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Šri Sudaršana & Narasimha

Šri Sudaršana Chakra: Similar to the Ankuša, the Sudaršana Chakra is also a divine weapon. Šri Sudaršana Chakra is one ...
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Šri Dhanvantari & Šri Garuda

Šri Dhanvantari is another form of Šri Vishnu holding a pot filled with life giving elixir. This elixir is also ...
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Šri Venkatešwara, Šridevi & Bhudevi

The utsava vigrahas of Šri Venkatešwara and Šri Devi (Šri Lakshmi) and Sri Bhū Devi (Mother Earth) ...
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