Pooja Schedule

Daily and Weekly Pooja Schedule at Our Temple

Due to Sri Maha Lakshmi Yajnam on Fri. May 26th thru Mon. May 29th, 2017
Daily Scheduled Maha Ganapati Suprabhatam will start at 7:30 AM instead of 8:00 AM &
Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam will start at 7:45 AM instead of 8:15 AM

On Friday May 26th, 2017
Scheduled Maha Lakshmi Abhishekam will be at 9:00 AM instead of 7:15 PM

Scheduled Maha Lakshmi Utsavar Abhishekam on Sunday, May 28th, 2017 will be performed
on Monday, May 29th, 2017 at 10:30 AM

For Ganeshanjali – Daily Poojas and Special Services click here (Please note : All schedules and tariffs are subject to change – please contact the Temple Counter directly at (718)460-8484 ext. 112 to confirm) 

Please Note: Scheduled Abhishekam changes for Sri Raghavendra Swamy due to Ekadasi – click here.

Below please see Schedule of Daily/Weekly Religious Services (schedule subject to change). For questions devotees may contact the Temple Counter directly at (718) 460-8484 ext 112. 

Daily Services at the Temple
8:00 am    Mahã Ganapati Suprabhãtam* / Usha Kãla Pooja
8:15 am    Šiva Abhishekam
8:15 am    Venkatešwara Suprabhãtam§ / Mahã Ganapati Homam
9:00 am    Mahã Ganapati Abhishekam
9:00 am & 5:00 pm Veda Pãrãyanam
7:00 pm    Sarva Devata Hãrati
                              *Weekends at 7:30 am / §8:00 am • Sundays at 11:00 am

Weekly Services at the Temple
7:15 pm    Šiva Abhishekam

8:15 am    Hanumãn Abhishekam
9:00 am    Nãgendra Abhishekam
10:00 am  Kãmãkshi Abhishekam
5:30 pm    Hanumãn Sahasranãma Pooja
6:00 pm    Hanumãn Chalisa Pãrãyanam
7:15 pm    Shanmukha Abhishekam

6:00 pm    Saraswati Abhishekam
7:15 pm    Saraswati Sahasranãma Archana

8:30 am    Rãghavendra Swãmy Abhishekam
9:00 am    Dakshinãmoorthy Abhishekam
6:00 pm    Dakshinãmoorthy Rudra Trišati Nãma Archana
6:00 pm    Rãghavendra Swãmy Sahasranãma Pooja
7:15 pm    Rãghavendra Guru Pãduka Pooja
7:15 pm    Gayatri Japam

10:00 am   Pãrvati Abhishekam, Lalita Sahasranãma Pãrãyanam
10:30 am   Mahã Lakshmi Sahasranãma Archana
7:15 pm     Mahã Lakshmi Abhishekam, Mahã Lakshmi Stothram

8:30 am     Vishnu Sahasranãma Pãrãyanam
9:00 am     Rãghavendra Swãmy Abhishekam
9:00 am     Navagraha Abhishekam
11:00 am   Venkatešwara Abhishekam
6:00 pm     Venkatešwara Sahasranãma Pooja

11:00 am   Mahã Ganapati Abhishekam
4:30 pm    Durga Abhishekam, Durga Sahasranãma Archana
6:00 pm    Mahã Ganapati Sahasranãma Pooja

For detailed information about other upcoming events, please see schedule calendar here.