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Šri Atma Linga

Ãtma Linga and Sri Nandikeswara.. Here is Šiva Linga and Šri Nandikešwara in marble and metal respectively, where devotees can perform a mini abhishekam (divine shower) with a small amount of Ganga jal (water from the holy river Ganges). This…
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Šri Chandrasekaraswamy & Ãnandavalli

The idols of Šri Šiva and Pãrvati as Šri Chandrasekhara Swamy and Šri Anandavalli. Šri Šiva is worshipped both with and without form, most commonly without form. Here Šri Šiva is shown in a human form, along with His consort,…
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Šri Satyanãrãyana & Ramã Devi

Šri Satyanãrãyana and His consort Šri Ramã Devi. Šri Satyanãrãyana is another form of Šri Vishnu, considered to be an extremely graceful, benevolent and powerful Deity. A resolve or promise to observe certain austerities as an offering of ourselves to…
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Šri Agastiyar & Lopa Mudra

Šri Agastyar is a much revered guru (spiritual teacher) and was one of the early great sages of India. He is revered in this Temple because of His close association with Šri Ganeša. He is said to have lived a…
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Šri Ayyappa

Šri Ayyappa is considered to be a combination of both Šri Vishnu and Šri Šiva. His ardent devotees observe strict mental and physical austerities for forty eight days which culminate in a pilgrimage to His shrine on Šabari hill in…
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