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Šri Hanumãn

Šri Hanumãn stands with His palms pressed together, expressing His devotion for Šri Rãmã. Šri Hanumãn was Šri Rãmã’s ardent and humble devotee. Šri Hanumãn could give us the mental strength required when tackling any problem, and also the inspiration…
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Šri Saraswati

Next on the wall is Šri Saraswati, the embodiment of knowledge. She is considered as the female šakti or energy counterpart of Šri Brahma. Her Divine Vehicle is the mystical White Swan capable of separating and drinking just the milk…
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Šri Durga

Šri Durga is the embodiment of šakti – Divine (female) energy. She is said to have the combined energies (in the form of weapons) of powerful deities such as Siva, Vishnu, Indra and others, making her a virtual powerhouse. It…
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Šri Pãrvati

The sanctum of Šri Pãrvati is installed against the rear wall of the Temple. She is referred to as the Mother of all creation and the Goddess of energy. Šri Šiva and Šri Pãrvati are considered as the universal parents…
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Šri Šiva

Šri Šiva as the Šiva Linga, without a human form, the most common way to depict Šri Šiva. Linga, meaning symbol, symbolizes Šri Šiva, just as smoke symbolizes the existence of fire. A Linga is commonly described as having three…
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