Akshayam – Hindu Young Professionals of HTSNA

AKSHAYAM – (The Hindu Young Professionals Team of HTSNA)

“The most ancient civilization and the youngest civilization meet in you. This combination of the ancient and modern, you do not know how good you have it. The fundamental questions of life, the best answers that humanity has ever come across are found in your Hindu heritage.” –Swami Sarvapriyananda, Anubhava 2017.

Who are we?

Akshayam is a team of Hindu young professionals of The Hindu Temple Society of North America (HTSNA) in Flushing, NY that aims to build a legacy for the future generation of Hindus. Members range in the age group of 18-35 years old and are diverse in their Hindu perspectives which establishes a unique platform in a traditional Hindu Temple.

What do we do?

The team organizes cultural, volunteer-based, and educational events at the Temple. Events include lecture demonstrations, cultural programs, conferences, career panels, volunteering events and more, all geared towards the young professional demographic. Temple leadership and staff advise and mentor Akshayam members, and provide a supportive network for the team to pursue its vision and interests.

VOLUNTEER. Countless opportunities to get involved and give back to not just the temple community but also, the global one.

LEARN. Various platforms to question long standing beliefs, discuss with like minded peers and gain insight into deeper religious and spiritual concepts.

LEAD. Bring together the young Hindu community to declare a shared commitment to the preservation of Hindu tradition and practices.

The Anubhava Tradition

A Collegiate & Young Professionals Conference – Anubhava 2024

The Anubhava conference has become an annual tradition and platform for young Hindus to come together to engage in religious discussion as it relates to the evolving modern world. Young professionals are encouraged to push the envelope to better understand accepted practices and gain a different perspective and appreciation of age-old wisdom and conventions.

A Hinduism Learning Series

Akshayam organizes monthly discussions as part of “The Hinduism Learning Series” where guest speakers present interesting topics such as the purpose of various religious rituals to who is a Hindu and everything in between. The sessions are then made available on social media.

View previous sessions on the Temple’s Youtube Channel playlist here

Stay Connected

Akshayam members use a combination of digital and in person communication to stay connected. Most members are based locally in the NYC/NJ area but a number of members stay involved from afar. The main modes of communication is social media and email, as well as regular conference calls. In person meetings take place at the Flushing Hindu Temple, and occur more frequently as the group prepares for large scale events like Anubhava.

Questions? Send us an email at: akshayam@nyganeshtemple.org

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Akshayam Brochure

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