Ganeša Pãtašãla

 …Patasala will be closed on Saturday, May 23, 2020 to observe Memorial Day Weekend…

Summer Online Camp 2020enrollment now available

Patasala will be begin classes online as of April 4, 2020 (Saturday).
Please visit: 

Student instructions for online classes

Online Computer Course Registration – Limited Seats : Starting April, 11, 2020 (Saturday)

Patasala physical location is still closed due to the uncertainty with the COVID 19 situation. In order to continue our educational efforts, Patasala is opening its classes online.

We will start online classes Saturday, April 4, 2020. Please note that the classes will be conducted during regular Patasala hours.

With the exception of Math and Bhajan class, We are following the same Patasala calendar. For your convenience, the link buttons have the timings as well.

We hope the classes will progress without any issues. If you would like to send questions and suggestions please send a mail to

Please follow the below instructions to get connected.
Link for classes:

Instructions for students:
Step 1) Open a new tab in chrome and goto
Step 4) Choose your subject and click “Continue on this browser”
Step 5) When prompted, click to allow microphone and camera
Step 6) Type your name (Student Name), If more than one student type all the names with space
Step 7) Click Join Now
Step 8) Wait for someone to let you in the meeting

Note: You can also use mobile devices to connect to the meeting, for this, Microsoft teams app is required and is available for iPhone and Android. Once you download and install the app, you will be able to join via mobile devices.

Thanks and regards
Patasala Team.

Ganeša Pãtašãla

The Pãtašãla or the Temple School is a popular place for young children and their parents, conducting classes on weekends and focusing on education and fine arts. Children from Grades K – 12 are enrolled in the Pãtašãla where they learn Hindu religion, bhajans, šloka chanting and various Indian languages such as Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada as well as Math, Science, Computer Science and English. As part of the fine arts activities, the Temple offers classical Bharatnatyam & Kathak dance classes, Carnatic vocal music and Veena classes given by trained teachers.

Current Pãtašãla Classes – on Saturdays

Academic Subjects

Sanskrit Classes

Pãtašala Computer Interest Group (PCIG)

Veena Music Classes

Bharatnatyam Dance Classes

Kathak Dance Classes

Carnatic Vocal Music Classes

Note: Sanskrit only students can register for a reduced price.
* Regular price includes Religion, Indian Languages, Bhajan, Sloka, Math, English, Science, Computer Science and Sanskrit.

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Questions? Please send your questions to: or call the Temple at (718) 460-8484 ext 112.