Pãtašãla – Sanskrit Classes

Academic year 2022-2023 : Classes will begin ONLINE on September 17, 2022 (Saturday)

Payments can be made online, please click here.

Pãtašãla – Sanskrit Classes

Ganesa Pãtašãla offers Sanskrit classes every Saturday

Objective: To inspire a love for Samskritam. This is accomplished by teaching Samskritam songs and šlokas. As the students progress, they develop the skill to understand simple šlokas and engage in simply conversation in Samskritam. This encourages them to continue learning this ancient and rich language.

Samskritam classes are conducted in collaboration with Samskrita Bharati USA, whose mission is to “Promote Samskritam as an everyday language.” Samskritam is taught in a highly interactive method where there is an emphasis on conversation. The teachers have all learned Samskritam through Samskrita Bharati and have received various levels of teachers’ training.

The children and adults who attend these classes learn the richness and importance of Samskritam. There is the Amarakosha (A Thesaurus – collection of nouns) šloka chanting event as well as the Višwa Samskrita Dinam (World Sanskrit Day) where the students go on stage to exhibit their love and knowledge of Samskritam by chanting šlokas, enacting short skits and singing inspiring songs in Samskritam.

The classes are taught in different levels – for both adults and children. Samskritam is taught and learned the way a child learns from those around him/her – by just listening, understanding and talking. Reading and writing comes only as a second step.

Class Schedule – Saturdays

8:30 AM to 9:25 AM – Sanskrit for Children ( All Levels)
8:30 AM to 9:25 AM – Sanskrit for Continuing Adult Students (Level 4)
TO BE DECIDED – Sanskrit for Adult Students (Level 1) – for inquiries please email: patasala@nyganeshtemple.org

Class Location

Ganesa Pãtašãla  – Classes are currently being offered ONLINE ONLY


$100 per year (Sanskrit Class only) – Children already registered for Patasala Saturday Classes for the new academic year (September – June) can register for Sanskrit classes at no additional class.

How to register?

Please fill in the form below and submit at the Temple counter along with payment.

To register online, please click here.

Students are advised to meet a teacher during a class schedule or call one of the coordinators mentioned in the flyer below.


For all inquiries please contact one of the coordinators mentioned in the flyer below or the Temple counter at: (718) 460 8484 ext. 112. You may also email us at: patasala@nyganeshtemple.org