Pãtašala Computer Interest Group (PCIG)

Pãtašala Computer Interest Group (PCIG)


Online Computer Course Registration – Limited Seats

We are continuing our computer classes online starting this Saturday (Apr 11th, 2020). We will start with two weeks of a refresher on Python concepts. This course is for students from 6th grade onward. We will take a maximum of 15 students.  Please register as soon as possible. We will reserve the spot for you and send you the link to pay later.

Time: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Click to reserve your spot: 


1) Windows laptop/desktop  or Mac books (Chrome books will not work)

2) At least 5GB free space to install python and create projects.

The refresher is a free course, we will follow with a Python usage in the Financial sector course (paid) for 4  weeks.

Week 1: Python Refresher – Free

Week 2: Python Refresher – Free

Week 3 to 6: Python usage in the Financial sector. – $30 Fees for this course.

Week 3:  ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Concepts and Using Python to convert files part 1

Week 4:  ETL Concepts and Using Python to convert files part 2

Week 5: Plot  graphs using matplotlib

Week 6: Working with excel using Python

Please email patasala@nyganeshtemple.org for any questions or suggestions.


Patasala Team


Welcome to Pãtašala Computer Interest Group!

Recognizing that technological advances are current and the future, Ganeša Pãtašala has created this facility for technology users to interconnect and share knowledge of computer science trends. This group will be led by experienced Information Technology professionals from various industries. This group is open to students from grade 4 to seniors in high school. Our teachers will create sub groups and offer short courses based on members’ interest. Use the “Join us” link below in this page to join PCIG.


3:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Saturdays.


Senior Center (above Saraswati Hall) – 45-52 Bowne Street (across from the Temple)

Proposed Courses

We will have several courses over the year. Some of the proposed courses include –

Arduino Coding
Scratch Coding
Understanding Computer Operating Systems

If you are interested in a course on another topic, please write to us or contact our Pãtašala Administrators. We will work towards introducing that course.


Please send your questions to: patasala@nyganeshtemple.org.

Happy computing!