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Šri Dhanvantari & Šri Garuda

Šri Dhanvantari is another form of Šri Vishnu holding a pot filled with life giving elixir. This elixir is also believed to heal and so He is the One to approach to obtain good health and vigor. Šri Garuda is…
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Šri Sudaršana & Narasimha

Šri Sudaršana Chakra: Similar to the Ankuša, the Sudaršana Chakra is also a divine weapon. Šri Sudaršana Chakra is one of the five weapons of Šri Vishnu, Who is therefore a powerful ally of Šri Vishnu in protecting the devotees…
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Šri Swarna Bhairavar

Swarna Bhairavar, is generally given the role of the custodian of the Temple. In traditional Temples, He is symbolically given the keys of the Temple after the Temple has been locked for the day and the keys are placed for…
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Šri Natarãja, Sivakãmi & Mãnikkavãchakar

Šri Natarãjã, the dancing form, is another aspect of Šri Šiva. He is shown with His right foot on a dwarfish demon representing ignorance and ego, and lifting and crossing His left foot to His right. Similar vigrahas are collected…
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