Šri Mahã Lakshmi

Šri Mahã (great) Lakshmi, She is the counterpart or the šakti or female energy of Šri Vishnu. Šri Lakshmi is also portrayed as the personification of beauty and prosperity. She is the Goddess of Wealth, Who blesses us with everything…
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Šri Venkatešwara

Šri Šrinivasa, or Venkatešwara, is also Šri Vishnu or Nãrãyana, and like Šri Satyanãrãyana is in a standing posture. Šri Venkatešwara is believed to erase our sins and also bless us by granting boons. The usual blessing in the shrine…
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Šri Mahã Vallabha Ganapati

Seated majestically in the center of the Mahã Mantapam, the Prayer Hall in His Sanctum Sanctorum is Šri Mahã (great) Vallabha (omnipotent) Ganapati (Leader of the ganas, the guards of Šri Šiva), the presiding Deity of this Temple. Šri Ganeša…
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