Šubhakrut Nãma Chãndramãna Yugãdi (Lunar New Year’s Day)

Chãndramãna Yugãdi / Ugãdi is observed on the first day of the lunar Chaitra month which is the day after the new moon. Chaitra most often occurs in March, occasionally in April. Yugãdi (yuga=era/age, ãdi=beginning) signifies the start of a new (chãndramãna) lunar year. Yugãdi is the first day of a new year and is celebrated in the states of Ãndra Pradesh / Telengãna / Karnãtaka / Mahãrãshtra.

April 1, 2022 (Friday) – (New Year for Karnãtaka, Andhra Pradesh & Mahãrãshtra)
7:45 am – Mahã Ganapati Homam
9:00 am – Mahã Ganapati Abhishekam. (LIVE)*
10:00 am – Noothana Panchãnga Patanam/Šravanam. (Reading from New Almanac). (LIVE)*

*Devotees may watch live on: facebook.com/nyganeshtemple or youtube.com/nyganeshtemple

Šubhakrut Nãma Souramãna Yugãdi-Vishu (Solar New Year’s Day)

Souramãna Yugãdi / Vishu, celebrated as the New Year’s day in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Orissa and Bengal, follows the solar calendar. Souramãna (solar) yugãdi (beginning of a new age/era) begins invariably on April 13th/14th of each year with the onset of the Solar month of Chithirai. In the state of Kerala, this auspicious day is referred to as Vishu. Šri Ayyappa, whose famous Temple is on the Šabari hill in Kerala, is honored with an abhishekam, followed by Ayyappa bhajans and the display of Vishu kani, a spread of auspicious items to symbolize and ensure an auspicious year ahead.

April 14, 2022 (Thursday) – (New Year for Tamil Nãdu, Kerala, Orissa & Bengal)
7:45 am – Mahã Ganapati Homam.
9:00 am – Mahã Ganapati Abhishekam. (LIVE)*
10:00 am – Noothana Panchãnga Patanam / Šravanam. (Reading from New Almanac) (LIVE)*
5:30 pm – Šri Ayyappa Abhishekam, Bhajans / Vishu Kani. (LIVE)*

*Devotees may watch live on: facebook.com/nyganeshtemple or youtube.com/nyganeshtemple

Yugãdi at the Hindu Temple

In our temple, this auspicious day is marked by offering the customary abhishekam (sacred bath) to Lord Ganeša, the Lord of auspicious beginnings, who removes all obstacles, in order to thank Him for the year that passed and to pray for the upcoming year. This is followed by the reading of the new Hindu almanac (panchãngam) by the priests.

The Hindu Temple wishes all devotees a very happy, cheerful and prosperous Yugadi!


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