SMVG Website Manual

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SMVG Website Manual

This page contains website design specs and a brief how-to manual..

Perma-links for certain pages:

calendar – /calendar

home – /home

publications – /publications

gallery landing page (also for pictures) – /gallery

audio gallery – /audiogallery

video gallery – /videogallery

live streaming – /tv

directions – /directions (also /direction must point to /directions)

contact – /contact

Section 1
Home Page Slider

Image Size: 800 x 350

The slider plug in is “Huge IT Slider”.

How to add / change image(s):

— Select Huge IT Slider from the LEFT Main Menu.

— Select Sliders in submenu

— To edit an existing image, select the Slider Title (like My First Slide, MVG, GC, etc.) from the RIGHT side tab(s).

— Select and edit the image.

How to add a new slider?

— Select “+” from the tabs and Select Image Slide.

— Follow the directions to add images and save the slider.

— Now go to PAGES menu and select HOME2 Page (that is our front page).

— Click on Huge IT Slider.

— Select the new slider name from the drop down menu.

— Save the page!



To create a new newsletter or to edit an existing newsletter, select: NEWSLETTER –> NEWSLETTER from the dashboard (the left-side menu).

I have created a basic template (#10) for now or you may create a new one..

Edit the newsletter.

How to add Test Subscribers?

Select: ADD NEW SUBSCRIBER from Newsletter Menu or search and select an existing subscriber.

EDIT the subscriber and select “YES” for Test Subscriber.

Currently, Shiv and Vinod are Test Subscribers.

How to send Newsletter to Test Subscribers?

Newsletter –> Newsletter and select the newsletter to be sent / tested.

From the BLUE menu above the newsletter, select SAVE AND TEST.

To send out newsletters to all subscribers, select SAVE (so the newsletter is saved first) and then select “SEND”.

How to edit product info?

— Select Products –> Products from the LEFT admin menu (black bar) to see the list of products.

— Locate the product (which you want to edit) from the list of products by scrolling or searching or selecting a category.

— Click on the product name to edit the product info.

— There are SIX essential info for each product:

— Product name (e.g. “Navaratri- Trisatinama Pooja for Lalita”)

— Product description: This shows up in product’s full page. The space for Product description is right below the Product name. For Navaratri, we have used the product name itself for both Product description and Product short description.

— Product Data — Simple Product — Regular Price. This is where you mention the price without dollar sign. Ignore Sale Price.

— Product Short Description — This shows up in both product’s full page as well as in multiple-products page such as /Navaratri. (For Navaratri products, we have used the product name itself for both Product description and Product short description.)

— Product Image — This is in the right bar in the same editing page – adjacent to Product Short Description. If an image already exists, remove product image and then set an image file. You may select an image file from the media library or upload a file from local PC. Please select an image in almost a square in shape such as 300 x 300 or 400 x 400 or 500 x 500. If the image is not a square, some parts may not show up in thumbnails. For new products, select “set product image” and proceed to select an image file.

— Product Categories — Scroll up on the right side bar – above the Product Image. Select a category such as Navaratri. If you don’t select a Category, the product will not show up in multiple-products page, such as “Navaratri”.

Now, “Publish” or “Update”!

To add a new product, select “ADD PRODUCT” from Products Menu and do the same as above!



How to remove Right-Sidebar Image?

From Admin Menu, choose Appearance –> Widgets

Now, you’ll see Right Sidebar items.

Expand the item that needs to be removed and “Delete” at the bottom of the expanded item window.