Saraswati Hall / Senior Center

Saraswati Hall
Located right across the Temple (45-52 Bowne St.), Saraswati Hall is a favorite mini-hall for small events, dance and music performances, lectures and functions, etc.

For more info about Saraswati Hall, please contact the Temple at 718-460-8484 ext 112.

Senior Center Hall
Also located within the premises of 45-52 Bowne St, this modern self-contained facility is a spacious open hall that can accommodate about 225 guests, and is ideal for small gatherings.

The Senior Center program was started in 2003 to provide our seniors a place to get together and have activities of their own. It has been growing steadily and now it is not restricted to seniors, as men and women of all ages are welcome. Our Seniors enjoy their group gatherings, three days a week participating in Yoga, Gita studies, Vedic chanting, bhajans, Board games etc., as well as benefiting from Health, Finance, and Safety related lectures. The sessions are conducted in English on two of the three days and on the remaining day; discussions take place in Hindi.

For more info about Senior Center Hall, please contact the Temple at 718-460-8484 ext 112.