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Sri Guru Pravesam

April 22, 2023

Jupiter moving from Meena Rãši (Pisces) to Mesha Rãši (Aries)
(as per Thirukkanitha (Drik) Panchangam)

April 22, 2023* (Saturday)
7:45 am - Šri Guru Homam, Poornãhuti.
9:00 am - Šri Navagraha Abhishekam, Upachãram, Hãrati.

*As per Thirukkanitha Drik Panchangam calculations, the actual transit of Planet Jupiter moving from Meena Rãši (Pisces) to Mesha Rãši (Aries) is on Friday April 21st at 8:01 PM and therefore abhishekam and homam will be performed in the morning on Saturday, April 22nd.

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Šri Guru Pravešam is the observance of the moment of Guru’s movement from one ši to another. This transition of Guru will have a positive or adverse impact on each individual, depending on their respective janma nakshatra and therefore, janma ši.
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