Archana Seva

Special Archana Seva

Special prayer services to seek the divine interference in containing completely the COVID19 pandemic
Every Sunday beginning on May 16, (Sunday) thru May 30, 2021 (Sunday)

During this time of unprecedented crisis, our Temple has taken several measures in reaching out to the community. We are witnessing new variants of COVID19 in India and other countries.

Special Exclusive Prayer Services will be performed every Sunday beginning May 16th thru May 30th, 2021 for Šri Mahã Vallabha Ganapati and other Pradhãna Devatãs following scheduled Abhishekam, with prayers to almighty God to shower His blessing, for relief from the present pandemic situation and for a speedy recovery of everyone currently battling with the COVID19 virus.

Special Archana Seva – The Temple is once again offering free Archana Seva after scheduled Abhishekam every Sunday beginning on May 16th thru May 31st, 2021. This archana is open to everyone.

Those interested may please fill out the form below and include your name, birth star and gotra. If one does not know his/her birth star and gotra, please fill in only the name. Priests will do sankalpam for the names shared with us. This special Archana Seva with prayer will be carried out by the Temple at free of charge (max. 50 names per day – Accepted on “First Come” basis!)

We request all the devotees to join from their homes in these prayer services.
Live-stream may be viewed on: or

गं गणेशेति मन्त्रेण भवरोग-विनाशनम्।
कोरोणा-रोग-शान्त्यर्थं सर्व-जीवास्सुखं चिरम् ॥

gam ganešeti mantrena bhavaroga vinãšanam |
corona roga šãntyartham sarva jeevãssukham chiram ||

Chanting of the mantra ‘Gam Ganešãya Namah’ destroys all diseases,
calming the coronavirus and gives long-lasting happiness and health for all beings.

We apologize as this form has reached its submission limit. Please visit this page again for further updates. Thank you!