Tula Poornima

Tula Poornima, observed on the Poornima day in Tula month, is a significant day to worship Šri Šiva in a special Anna Alankaram.
Šri Navãvarana Pooja and Satyanãrãyana Pooja will be performed as per schedule.

Tula Poornima – November 11, 2019 (Monday)

4:30 pm – Šri Šiva Abhishekam, Anna Alankaram, Šri Rudra Trisati Nama.
(Scheduled Sri Siva Abhishekam will be at 4:30 pm instead of 7:15 pm)

6:00 pm – Mahã Meru Navãvarana Pooja.

6:00 pm – Šri Satyanãrãyana Abhishekam.

7:15 pm – Šri Satyanãrãyana Pooja.


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