Kartika Deepam 2019

Kãrtika Deepam (Sarvãlaya Deepam)

December 10th, 2019 (Tuesday)

5:00 pm – Šri Šiva and Šri Shanmukha Abhishekam, Agni Linga Pooja, Šri Rudra Trišatinãma Pooja, Deepa Alankãram, Hãrati

– Scheduled Šri Shanmukha Abhishekam will be at 5:00 PM instead of 7:15 PM –

The Significance of Arunãchala Deepam

Kãrtika Deepam or Festival of Lights is observed on the Full Moon day in the month of vrichikam (Nov.-Dec.). Usually this happens to be krittika nakshatram day as well.  On this day Lord Šiva is worshipped in His manifestation as Jyotir Linga or linga in the form of Light.

The holy place where Lord Šiva manifested as Jyotirlinga is none other than Arunãchala or Aruna Giri in Tiruvannãmalai, South India.  The Arunãchala represents the Agni (Fire) principle and is very famous for its Kãrtika Deepam festival or the Festival of Lights.

The Lighting Festival takes place in the evening just before dusk.  A big hollow on top of the hill is filled with ghee (purified butter), oil and camphor.  A huge wick is placed in the mixture and lighted and the flames are seen miles afar for nearly three months. Anyone who beholds the flames is believed to get release from the cycle of birth and death.

The spiritual significance of this festival is that anyone who through constant meditation, sees the Light of lights that is eternally burning in the chambers of one’s own heart, attains immortality.  On this auspicious day, may Lord Šiva bless us all to see the Light and grant us Liberation.

Kãrtika Deepam at the Hindu Temple

Kãrtika Deepam is an important festival at our Temple and is celebrated according to agama sastras. Beautiful Silver Kuthu Vilakkus (tall oil lamps made of silver) are lit in the evening to mark Kãrtika Deepam and special abhishekams are performed to Šri Šiva and Šri Shanmukha. Agni Linga Pooja, Šri Rudra Trišatinãma Pooja, Deepa Alankãram and Hãrati are the unique and significant poojas of this auspicious evening.

This is a unique occasion to have an extraordinary darshan of Šri Šiva as a jyoti with no beginning or end.

All are invited to participate in Kãrtika Deepam poojas and be blessed by Šri Šiva and Šri Shanmukha.


Please sponsor Kãrtika Deepam poojas generously and support the Temple. Devotees may sponsor the following religious services online. You may also sponsor at the Temple counter or over phone by calling: (718) 460 8484 Ext 112.

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