Ganeša Pãtašãla

Ganeša Pãtašãla

The Pãtašãla or the Temple School is a popular place for young children and their parents, conducting classes on weekends and focusing on education and fine arts. Children from ages 5 to 17 are enrolled in the Pãtašãla where they learn Hindu religion, bhajans, šlokas and various Indian languages such as Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada as well as math, science, computer science and english. Vedic chanting and Divya Prabandha classes are held during weekday evenings. Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation classes take place on Sundays. As part of the fine arts activities Temple has classical Bharathanatyam & Kathak dances and vocal and instrumental music classes given by trained teachers.

Note: Sanskrit only students can register for a reduced price.

* Regular price includes Religion, Indian Languages, Bhajan, Sloka, Math, English, Science, Computer Science and Sanskrit.

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