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Šri Mahã Vallabha Ganapati Devasthãnam


Sri Ganesa Chaturthi - Nava Dina Mahotsavam

From Friday, August 22nd to Sunday, August 31st, 2014

It is believed that if one were to pray to Šri Ganeša sincerely on Ganeša Chaturthi (Friday, August 29th, 2014), considered to be His most auspicious day, He would remove all our obstacles, especially in our hearts.

One of the main purposes of this nine-day Chaturthi celebration is to give an extra boost of divine šakti (energy) to the main vigraha of Šri Mahã Vallabha Ganapati. This is done mainly through japa (repetitive chanting of a mantra) and homam (fire worship) where the divine vibrations of the mantras are infused in the water kept in the kalašas, and this water is subsequently showered on Šri Ganeša’s vigraha.

The Nava Dina (nine-day) Ganeša Chaturthi Mahotsavam (great festival) is the most important annual celebration of our Temple, where Šri Ganeša is the presiding Deity. Devotees with varied interests and skills, come to the Temple either individually or collectively, to pray, mingle, express themselves, serve and/or expand their horizons, spiritually. This celebration offers something for everyone.

Keeping in mind the diverse ways in which people worship HIM, our wise sages have built in different rituals into our religion, thereby providing something of interest for everyone to participate in and connect with divine powers, which is the ultimate aim of all rituals.

Whether one participates in japa, be mesmerized by the abhishekam (holy shower) or on the alankãram (special decoration) of the day, dances along with the prãkãra utsavam (palanquin) or the ratha yãtra (chariot), sings bhajans (devotional songs), does sevã (serves fellow-devotees), or just enjoys the melodious music of the nãgaswaram, all these avenues lead us to the same goal - controlling the agitations of our mind and deriving serenity while focusing on Šri Ganeša.

There are many rituals to be completed each day, each with its rationality. Understanding their rationale would give us an appreciation of the ideology of Sanãtana Dharma, popularly known as Hinduism, and the clairvoyance of the ancient sages. This could give us Hindu awareness which in turn would help us take pride in being a Hindu.

Šri Ganeša Chaturthi : Nava-Dina Mahotsavam : Live Streaming Schedule
8/23/2014Sat05:00 AM09:00 AMŠri Mahã Ganapati Suprabhãtam, Prãkãra Utsavam. Vighnešwara Pooja, Punyãhavachanam, Devata Ãhwãnam, Dhwaja Ãrohanam, Šri Mahã Vallabha Ganapati Pradhãna Kalaša, Sthãpanam, Yãgašãla Pooja, Chatur Laksha Šri Mahã Ganapati Moola Mantra Japam/Homam Begins, Ganapati Abhishekam, Special AlankãramWatch1 Watch2
8/23/2014Sat10:00 AM10:30 AMChildren JapaWatch
8/23/2014Sat12:00 PM01:00 PMPrãkãra Utsavam, Poornãhuti, HãratiWatch
8/23/2014Sat05:00 PM06:00 PMYãgašãla Pooja, Moola Mantra Japam/Homam, Prãkãra Utsavam, Nava Sandhi, Ashta-Dikpãlaka Bali Pooja.Watch
8/23/2014Sat07:00 PM08:45 AMŠri Mahã Ganapati Upachãra Pooja, Hãrati, Prãkãra Utsavam, Poornãhuti, HãratiWatch
8/24/2014Sun08:00 AM09:00 AMYãgašãla Pooja, Moola Mantra Japam/Homam, Šri Mahã Ganapati Abhishekam, Special Alankãram, Pooja, Poornãhuti, HãratiWatch
8/24/2014Sun12:00 PM01:00 PMPrãkãra UtsavamWatch
8/24/2014Sun07:00 PM08:45 PMŠri Mahã Ganapati Upachãra Pooja, Hãrati, Prãkãra Utsavam, Poornãhuti, HãratiWatch
8/25/2014Mon07:00 PM08:45 PMPrãkãra Utsavam, Poornãhuti, HãratiWatch
8/26/2014Tue07:00 PM08:45 PMPrãkãra Utsavam, Poornãhuti, HãratiWatch
8/27/2014Wed07:00 PM08:45 PMPrãkãra Utsavam, Poornãhuti, HãratiWatch
8/28/2014Thu10:00 AM12:30 PMŠri Swarna Gowri Vratam, Gowri, Sahasranãma & Gowri Ashtottarašatanãma Archana, Prãkãra Utsavam, Poornãhuti, HãratiWatch
8/28/2014Thu07:00 PM08:45 PMPrãkãra Utsavam, Poornãhuti, HãratiWatch
8/29/2014Fri07:30 AM10:30 AM108 Dravya Kalaša Sthãpanam. Mahã Ganapati Mãlã Mantra Japam, Šri Mahã Ganapati Moola Mantra Japam/Homam. Šri Mahã Ganapati 108 Dravya Kalaša Abhishekam, Special Alankãram, Trišatinãma Archana. Mrithigai Ganapati Pooja, Chaturthi Vrata Katha.Watch
8/29/2014Fri12:15 PM01:00 PMPrãkãra Utsavam, Poornãhuti, HãratiWatch
8/29/2014Fri04:00 PM05:00 PMDolotsavam (Oonjal Seva).Watch
8/29/2014Fri06:00 PM09:00 PMModaka Sahasranãma Pooja (1008 Modakas), Šri Mahã Ganapati Upachãra Pooja, Hãrati. Panchamoorthy (Šri Mahã Ganapati, Šri Šiva, Šri Shanmukha & Valli Devasena, Šri Venkatešwara Šridevi, Bhudevi And Šri Hanumãn) Prãkãra Utsavam, Poornãhuti, Hãrati.Watch
8/30/2014Sat10:00 AM01:00 PMChildren Japa, Šri Siddhi-Buddhi Šri Mahã Vallabha Ganapati Thiru Kalyãna Utsavam.Watch
8/30/2014Sat03:00 PM05:00 PMGanapati Pooja By Children - Two SessonsWatch
8/30/2014Sat07:15 PM08:45 PMŠri Mahã Ganapati Upachãra Pooja, Hãrati, Prãkãra Utsavam, Poornãhuti, HãratiWatch
8/31/2014Sun08:30 AM12:00 PMŠri Mahã Ganapati Abhishekam, Special Alankãram. Chaturãvritti Tarpanam, Poornãhuti.Watch
8/31/2014Sun12:30 PM04:00 PMRathotsavam (Ratha Yãtra)Watch
8/31/2014Sun05:00 PM09:00 PMYãgašãlã Pooja, Šri Mahã Ganapati Moola, Mantra Japam/Homam Concludes, Mahã Poornãhuti, Kalaša Uttãpanam, Pradhãna Kalaša Abhishekam, Dhwaja Avarohanam, Pãlika Visarjanam, Kummi-Kolãttam, Teerthavãri, Mahã Mangala Hãrati, Prasãdam.Watch
Friday, August 22, 2014 - 8:00am to Sunday, August 31, 2014 - 8:00pm
Event Place: 

Maha Mantapam