Šri Dakshinãmoorthy Mantra Japam – 2021

Šri Dakshinãmoorthy Mantra Japam

April 27, (Tuesday) to April 29, 2021 (Thursday)

Dhanvantari_Picture Šri Dakshinãmoorthy, is a foremost spiritual teacher. He is said to impart spiritual knowledge, encouraging us to acquire wisdom through silent meditation..

May we all pray and receive the blessings from the ultimate Guru Šri Dakshinãmoorthy. If we do mantra japa with full faith in it, our heart will get purified rapidly, all our sins will get extinguished.  It will ward off all misery. It strengthens the mind and keeps depression at bay.

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Šri Dakshinãmoorthy Mantra Japam Schedules

April 27, (Tuesday) – April 29, 2021 (Thursday)

6:30 pm – Šri Dakshinãmoorthy Šloka Pãrãyanam.
Devotees may view the Šloka Pãrãyanam online on: facebook.com/nyganeshtemple or youtube.com/nyganeshtemple

To view, download and print Šri Dakshinãmoorthy Šloka please see: nyganeshtemple.org/prayer

April 27, 2021 (Tuesday)

8:15 am – Maha Ganapati Homam.
5:00 pm – Kalaša Stapanam, Kalaša Arãdhana.
5:30 pm – Šri Dakshinãmoorthy Japam & Homam, Poornãhuti, Hãrati.

April 28, 2021 (Wednesday)

8:00 am – Kalaša Arãdhana
9:00 pm – Šri Dakshinãmoorthy Japam & Homam, Poornãhuti, Hãrati
5:00 pm – Kalaša Arãdhana
5:30 pm – Šri Dakshinãmoorthy Japam & Homam, Poornãhuti, Hãrati

April 29, 2021 (Thursday)

7:30 am – Kalaša Arãdhana
8:30 am – Šri Dakshinãmoorthy Japam & Homam, Poornãhuti, Hãrati
9:30 am – Šri Dakshinãmoorthy Abhishekam, Trišati Nãma Pooja, Hãrati


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